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Barbershop Comparison: Regal Barber Vs. Sports Clips


These days, it is practically a must for the modern man to have a reliable barbershop. Gone are the days when only women and metrosexual men prioritized grooming. It is something that can get your foot in the door in different situations, after all. If you dress in an impeccable manner but neglect to style your hair, your efforts will still cancel out. Finding the right salon should similarly be a priority if you want to look polished on the regular.

We hope that this guide will prove to be useful in your search for a shop to patronise.

Why Men Should Go to a Barbershop for Good Haircuts

Cutting your hair if you do not have the proper training can lead to disastrous results. The following are reasons why a good haircut by a professional is a good investment:

1.    Pleasant appearance

The first thing a person would normally notice is how you present yourself. You may have a great personality and an efficient work ethic, but some will not be able to look past your appearance. A messy mane and an untidy beard might make people believe that you are a slob even if it is not true. Having a neat haircut will help make a good impression, which will be helpful for professional and romantic prospects.


2.              Health and hygiene

An unkempt hairstyle can be a possible deterrent to professional development. This is more important in certain fields, such as the restaurant and hospitality industry. For example, a chef with a messy head of hair is not ideal because it might lead to hair-in-the-soup situations. Moreover, it can be a possible breeding ground for parasites! Maintenance will definitely help improve your credibility and even your health.


3.             Flatter your features

Men sometimes take this quality for granted, but a haircut is a good way to reorient your features. It might not be as effective as it is for women, but different hairstyles can make a significant difference. A good haircut would be one that emphasizes your best features and masks certain imperfections.


4.             Express yourself

Your hair is something you can use to express individuality. Regardless of what style you go with, maintenance is a must. Long hair, for example, does not necessarily have to look messy. If you have your hair styled and maintained by a professional, you will be able to express yourself while looking good at it.


Places to Get a Haircut Near Me: Two Trending Barbershop for Great Haircuts


  1. The Introduction: Regal Barber Co. Vs. Sport Clips

For this article, we have chosen two barber shops in Utah that are worthy of your attention. These are some of the top businesses, so it would not come as a surprise if you have heard of them before. This section will serve as a refresher course for those already familiar with the brands and an introduction for the uninitiated. We will be comparing them in more detail later on.


Regal Barber Co.

This salon is the brainchild of barber and entrepreneur Albert Archuleta. Founded in 2016, it is a modern company that pays homage to old-style barber shops. It takes pride in delivering unique styles courtesy of its diverse set of barbers. The name rings true for the ambiance of the establishment and the services they deliver. The shop pays immaculate attention to detail, so look no further if you are looking for capable people to perform those intricate designs. You will find their shop at 282 West 4500 South, Murray, Utah, and they are open on Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 AM to 6 PM, Saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.


  • Sport Clips

Fans of sports and good hairstyles rejoice, for this is a salon that combines these two into one package. The original store opened in Texas in 1993, and it has expanded exponentially ever since. It has become so huge that it even has stores abroad! It is important to note that the brand does not only use sports for aesthetic reasons, it is also integrated into their values system. The franchise follows the Lou Holtz school of football coaching, which means that it is a company that believes in doing their best and the existence of karma, which is reflected in its philanthropic activities and decisions. Check your local store for more information on their operating hours.

sports clips


2. Haircuts Near Me: The Comparison Between Regal Barber Co. & Sports Clips


We will now compare the two in terms of several important aspects that might affect your decision. Read on to see their advantages and disadvantages over one another.


    • Website

The website is a good place to start because it is the first thing that potential clients will check, oftentimes even before the actual brick and mortar shop. The homepages make the stylistic differences easy to see from the get-go.

Regal Barber has a scrollable one-column layout and favours simpler fonts. The information is fed in more digestible bits and the photos look more professional. Overall, the design is well-suited to the name of the brand, and it actually feels even more dapper in its simplicity.


On the other hand, the Sport Clips favors a red, white, and black coloring and blocky figures. It looks a little cluttered due to its incorporation of one-column, two-column, and three-column clustering within the same page. However, the boyish appeal is undeniable.

    • Physical Location (Are These Hair Salons Near Me?)

One of the major differences between the two hair salons is the fact that one is a homegrown brand while the other is a franchise. The former would be referring to Regal Barber, whose only physical store so far is located in Murray City, Salt Lake Valley. This is ideal for those who live within and around the area. However, it might take a toll on your resources if you live further away.


On the other hand, the competitor boats over 1,700 locations across the country. It actually has locations in all 50 states of the country, thus making it easy to find a store in most metropolitan areas.


    • Services Offered

Both shops offer consultations before the actual haircut, so it is possible to show pictures of hairstyles in order to achieve the look you want.


Regal Barber offers services in the form of haircuts, shaves, designer haircuts and what is called “the works.” The last item combines all three before it, and even includes other facial grooming and a hot towel treatment.


Sport Clips, meanwhile, offers options between Triple Play, MVP Experience, and Extra Innings packages. These choices are increasingly more luxurious, though all of them include a precision haircut, a steamed towel wrap and shampoo massage. A variety of hair care products is also sold in the stores.


    • The Staff/Barbers

The nature of the businesses also includes the staff members that provide the services. Since Regal Barber has a single store, it is significantly easier to familiarize yourself with the barbers. It is also more possible to build a long-term relationship with them, which is important as you are likely going to return every now and then for a cut.


The fact that the other one is a franchise makes it difficult to control the quality. They face a higher turnover rate, making it harder to acquaint yourself with the staff. However, you can still rest assured that whoever is performing the cut has received high-quality training.


    • Rates

Sport Clips is one of the country’s leading hair care franchises for a reason. Its friendly rates are highly attractive to its clientele. You can get a haircut for as low as $19! A haircut at Regal Barber, however, costs $25, but rest assured that you get the exact haircut that you want.


It is not always wise to skimp or splurge on these services. It’s okay to shell out a few cash if you know you get a great haircut worthy of its price. However, make sure to do research so that you will get the best value for your money. Both companies offer packages that will save you money, so it might be worth a look if you want to cut down on costs.


The Verdict: Why Men Choose to Get Their Haircuts at Regal Barber Co.

We proudly present Regal Barber as the top barbershop in the area for your grooming needs. It is a great choice because it is a local business that pays specific attention to your individual preferences and uniqueness. The store itself knows the importance of style, which is evident in the appearance of their website and physical store. Not surprisingly, this then reflects on the way they deliver their services. It is a store that will repay you for your loyalty.


This does not mean that Sport Clips is a bad shop. Not at all—we do appreciate it for its accessibility and vision. The fact that it has made a name for itself as one of the biggest hair care franchises in the country is, without a doubt, impressive and even inspirational. We are not lying when we say that we would not hesitate to drop by a branch if we found ourselves away from home.


However, a small business like Regal Barber is often better for regular patronship. It is much easier to build rapport with your barber while the appointment system makes it more convenient for clients. The ambience is great, and it is easy to relax as you get your hair done. Not to mention that your support of the local businesses can help the local economy. If you are looking for a barbershop that will provide you amazing service and atmosphere, Regal Barber Co. is the place you have been looking for.


What People Are Saying About Regal Barber Co.

If we have yet to convince you, feel free to check the reviews of other clients; the vast majority of whom all agree that it is their top pick for a haircut within the vicinity. For your convenience, we have listed down the usual comments found in these commentaries. The fact that the Facebook page boasts a solid 5-star average is an indication of the shop’s quality in itself.

  • Customer service has been great, which is a necessity for any business. Many praise the staffs’ treatment of younger patrons who are treated just like the older ones. Albert, the owner himself, was very well-recommended. However, all of the barbers in the store have been complimented by clients, so they should be able to take care of you just as capably. Each one has been showered praises, and some of the clientele even report that they are now customers for life.
  • Customer satisfaction is definitely an important aspect of the crew. The barbers are reportedly great at listening to the customers’ wishes during the consultation and deliver their promises on different hairstyles. Some have even observed that the store gave them the best haircuts of their lives.
  • Aside from the excellent skills demonstrated by the talented barbers, the atmosphere had been similarly complimented. Customers have described the environment as classy but still comfortable. Its cleanliness has also been taken note of. Plenty of the reviews mention that it is a store that they would recommend to their friends and acquaintances.


Polished hairstyles can do wonders, a belief that is gaining popularity as more men commit to grooming. Those in the valley are lucky to be able to obtain top-notch haircuts nearby.


Drop by the website to learn more about Regal Barber Co. and book an appointment for a sharp haircut!