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Men’s Fade Haircut - The Tips and Tricks Every Man Should Know

mens fade haircut

Men’s fade haircut has been all the rage in the men’s grooming industry today as one of the most flattering and trendiest hairstyles for men. A lot of celebrities and artists have been spotted sporting the trendy look, and they all look so dashing every single time. A fade haircut was first sported by men with short hair, but its popularity has recently gained versions for men with medium to long hair. This hairstyle gives men an edgy but clean look. As word on the street goes, it looks like a “flying haircut.”

Fade haircuts are essentially a kind of cut that blends different lengths and cuts of your hair in order for the fade to look as seamless and as flawless as possible. This type of hairstyle requires tapering the hair but is lower than a tapered cut. It takes a professional, experienced and meticulous barber to have a good looking fade haircut. Faded haircuts can actually go from clean subtle looks to extreme and edgier looks.

Faded haircuts are also great for transitioning your sideburns to your beard. In fact, a fade haircut with a beard up line has been one of the top haircuts for men recently. If you love to groom your beard as much as your hair, getting a fade haircut will help accentuate your features and give a modern look. Instead of simply having it grown out randomly, have it perfectly tapered with the help of the right fade hairstyle.


Tips and Tricks for Men with a Fade Haircut

If you are trying to decide whether to get a fade hairstyle, or you already have one, here are some tips and tricks that can help you maintain a clean and fresh look as you think your way through:

  1. Try and find an inspiration.

Before you book yourself an appointment, it is best to find inspiration. If you have certain people you know, celebrities, or artists that already sport the look, you may study the structure of the hairstyle and modify how you might want yours to look like. Also, it is best to find a celebrity with a face shape the same as yours and also has a men’s faded haircut to try and see how it might fit you too.

  1. Find an experienced barber to trust.

Nothing is more frustrating and traumatic than walking out a barbershop and be humiliated with a bad haircut. Your hair might grow back, but people’s memory of your bad haircut won’t die out. To avoid this mistake, look for barbershops and barbers that have had experience and have a known reputation for great results.

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  1. Listen to suggestions and find the right look.

Sometimes, you opt for a celebrity’s hairstyle without knowing how it would fit you. As much as you want to embody their style, it is best to listen to your barber if he suggests otherwise. The style won’t work if it does not fit the kind of hair and face shape you have. Although fade hairstyles mostly look great on everyone, not all accompanying styles, like pompadours, side swept, faux hawk, etc., will suit all facial structures and shapes. Always opt for the right look since it will always help your hair have that “fly” and neat look.

  1. Maintaining your fade haircuts.

Unfortunately for most men, a fade haircut will last only 3-5 days in its perfect state due to their fast-growing hair. Fear not, looking fresh in your faded haircut does not require you to have frequent trips to your barber. You can absolutely do it yourself. Using a straight razor, carefully touch upon the areas on your neck, near your eyes, and your eyebrows. These parts are where hair grows out the fastest that can potentially distort the look of your hairstyle. Too much hair on your eyebrow may crowd your face if you are sporting a taller top. You can always practice first on easier areas or have a friend help you if you aren’t confident enough.

  1. Investing in the right products.

To prolong your hair game, try and find good hair products that can enhance or yet keep your hair in good condition. If you have a long top, it is recommended that you use a pomade or hair gel that suits your hair type. In addition, find good shampoos and conditioners for your hair type. This will help keep your hair healthy while sporting a trendy look.

Different Types of Fade Haircuts

You can always try the classic subtle fade haircuts or experiment with varying looks. However, here are the popular types of fade haircuts you can actually try for a change:

  1. High and Tight Fade

This type of fade haircut is famously known as the military haircut. The high and tight fade got its name for the very short sides of your temple, which is called “high” and with a quite long top which is called “tight”. This type of cut is flattering on mostly all face shapes and hair types.

  1. Razor Fade

The razor fade is also known as the straight razor fade. This type is sort of unique due to the tool used in tapering down your hair. Instead of buzzers and clippers, the barber uses a straight razor instead. This type can be styled by combining it with other trendy looks like the pompadour, part, quiff, comb-over, or slicked back. This cut is suitable for almost all face shapes and hair types. However, it is best to consult your barber for the best hairstyle combination to pair it with.

  1. Low Skin Fade

Out on the list, the low skin fade offers a more subtle look to any hairstyle that you want. It doesn't matter if you’re currently rocking long locks or short hair, this type of fade is perfect for everything. Since it is subtle, your hair won’t look awful once your hair starts growing back.

  1. Taper Fade Afro

Last on the list would be the taper fade afro, which is most popular among African-American men. Just because you have an afro-textured hair does not mean that you can’t sport the fade haircut trend. In fact, this style is one of the most flattering hairstyles recommended for men with afro hair. The top is mostly trimmed down according to what fits your face shape the most and the sides are tapered down to a fade. Some may choose to shorten their afros to a minimum while offers choose a bolder look by sporting a big afro with faded sides.


Get The Right Style!

We all know that we should incorporate our face shape before we choose a haircut. Luckily for men, fade haircuts are universally good for almost all face shapes and hair types. It all boils down to choosing a combination of style or how your hair should be cut together with your fade haircut of choice.

A.    Square Face Shape

If you have a square face, a textured crop with a subtle fade is great for you. You can opt for deeper fades but avoid getting extreme fades. Such subtle waves and textured crop give more focus on the jawline and the cheekbones you have without making you look like rigid. For this type, it is best to keep the top not too long. Invest in hair products that give body and texture to your hair while keeping it unmoved throughout the day.

B.    Round Face Shape

The best go to for round face men is the side swept clean fade. The type of cut gives you shorter sides and a taller top which you can be parted to the side for a cleaner look. This help elongate your face a bit since your round face gives you a less pronounced jawline as compared to the square face type.

C.     Angular Face Shape

Angular faced men with curly or kinky hair can best sport a taper fade afro. This is especially great if you have curly hair that is quite hard to tame. Not only is this style low maintenance, but it is also great for accentuating your great jawline and high cheekbones.

D.    Triangular Face Shape

The best haircut for men with a triangular face shape would be a faded modern pompadour. It has shorter sides and back while having a taller top. For men with curly hair, their afro tends to be bigger while for men with straight hair, it gives a more voluminous look. This helps add definition to the upper portion of their face since triangular face shapes have longer chins and smaller foreheads.

E.     Oval Face Shape

Oval face shapes can best sport the look for a taper fade cut. A taper fade cut provides a gradual cut to a shorter hair near the neckline. Your barber can use various tools to achieve this look. Also, it depends on you on how subtle you want the taper to be. This is great for oval face shapes, but you should stay away from hairstyles that tend to cover your face as it hides your natural face shape.


Final Thoughts

Men’s fade haircut is all the buzz among men of all ages right now. It is universally great on all face shapes even though there are additional quirks you should do to make it perfect for you. Nevertheless, a fade haircut is great for any occasion and any workplace. You can go subtle for a clean and classy look or go bold for an edgy look. Your haircut creates a statement for you.

However, without experienced barbers, your fade haircuts can be a disaster. Tapering and combining different cuts take a certain level of skill and practice. Hence, don’t make the mistake of visiting a barber shop just because they offer the cheapest service.


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