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How to Find a Top Notch Barbershop

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Get the Perfect Cut:

When men looking for a trim and a shave, they often tell themselves, “I should find cheap barber shops near me and walk into one of them.”

That, my friends, is a recipe for disaster. As a man, I am telling you now that going for the lowest bidder has never gone well when it comes to looking your best. It may work in government projects but saving a few dollars is not worth the aggravation of looking in a mirror and finding yourself looking like an idiot.

 If you want to be proud of your reflection in mirror and deliver a good impression, your haircut and shave should be perfect for you. For those who want to get the most out of their barber shop, here’s a simple guide on doing just that.


Top Barber Shop

“The Nearest Barbershop Near Me” Should Not Be Your Metric

Barbers close to me is useful as a starting point, but you shouldn’t just find the closest one and walk over there immediately. If you’re in a hurry, that’s something that you should do. However, don’t expect something fancy from the barber – and don’t expect the personalized service that you deserve.

When looking for a barber shop, there should be more than barber shops close to your location on your list. Here are some factors to consider:

·       Prices.

You are definitely going to factor in how much you are paying for your haircut. Men should have a definite budget when it comes to grooming. There are some places that will be definitely out of your price range. Barber shop prices range from hundred dollar hair cuts to something more palatable to those who Find a barber shop that you are comfortable when it comes to payment.

·       Services.

However, when you’re paying for something, you want to get the best possible service. You usually get your haircuts at a barber shop but they should also provide you with shaving and some styling. However, that’s not all that you can get a barber shop. Some barber shops offer extra primping and even a towel treatment after all the cuts and shaves – refreshing your face after everything.

·       Reputation.

There is also the fact that you want a barber that has a good reputation. When you look at a barber shop lineup, you should also check out the reviews of the place. Some places have a better reputation than others and you want the one with the best possible reputation working on your hair.

Finding That Unique Barber Shop

When you’re looking for a barbershop, you should place more importance on it. A House of Styles barber shop sounds great, but you want personalized service. This is why you want to get a unique barber shop for yourself. Do a personal visit and see for yourself what you are potentially getting.

·       The first you should do is determine how hard it is to get a reservation. It’s dumb to just walk into a good barber shop and expect to get some service immediately. The best barber shops usually have reservations for their services. Reservations are also a good sign of how popular a barber shop is. If you can reserve a seat for yourself at the busiest time of the day – that place isn’t popular and you may be better off finding somewhere else. If you have a hard time getting a reservation, that means a lot of people want to use their services.

·       Always go to a barber shop for men. In the world of gender equality, a unisex salon may sound a more enlightened choice. However, the truth is a man’s touch is what you need to look good when it comes to a man’s hairstyle. They also know more and have better experience with male hair. Trust the knowledge that they have.

·       When you’re waiting, time the amount of time a customer stays in each seat. A 15 minute stay is not enough to get a good quality styling. This usually means that the barber is hurrying them along. You don’t want that when it comes to your barber.

·       It’s also a good idea to check out the products and the details in the barbershop. You want a barber shop that uses some of the best products in the business. If they are willing be cheap about materials, then they will also likely be willing to be cheap about your haircut. Additionally, the little details like how clean the shop is and the attention to service are going to be of great help.


Top Barber Shop

Utah Barber Shop Basics: Maximizing Your Barbershop Hours

If you’ve settled on a choice for your barber shop, you still have to know how to deal with your barber. You just can’t plop yourself down on his seat and ask for a taper with a beard and think that’s over. There will be a need for you to do some work and observe some etiquette to ensure that you are not wasting your barber’s time. Here’s what you should be doing when it comes to being the perfect barber shop customer:

·       Bring a Reference. Sometimes, you just want that look you saw in the magazine. Trying to describe it with just words is self-defeating. Try to bring a copy of the picture that you want to base your look on. It gives your barber an idea of what sort of look to aim for.  This is more efficient and easier so your barber can start cutting and trimming immediately.

·       Interact. Try to give as much feedback as possible. If you want to be as happy as possible about your haircut, then you will want to be as vocal as possible. Don’t be critical. Just be firm about what sort of look that you want. If you feel that your barber is doing something you don’t like, indicate it so that he will stop doing it.

·       Be a Friend.  A barber may cut your hair, but befriending should help with the hair cutting process. A lot of people want to rush the haircut – however, that’s the wrong move. You want your barber to be as thorough as possible when it comes to your hair so you need to leave him to it. People like spending time with their friends and it helps pass the time. With a friendly barber, you won’t notice the time pass by.

·       Don’t Move About. A lot of people squirm when they are forced to sit down. People also have micro movements that can make haircuts more difficult. Make your barber’s job easier by keeping still and minimizing movement.

·       Tip Well. When you pay at the barber shop till, that doesn’t go to the barber directly. They have their salaries. If you want to be extra appreciative and be able to keep them sweet, tip your barber generously. Around 10 to 15% of the haircut should be enough to show your appreciation of his skill and a good haircut. If it’s really good, you may even go a bit overboard.

Cool Cuts And Other Hairstyles 

Now that you know how to act on a barber’s chair, you’ll also need to know what to ask for. Here are some popular hairstyles right now.

 ·       The Undercut.

This is the standard cut. Many face shapes function well with it and it is a decent fallback choice. The undercut works by cokmbining long and short hair styles. The top is allowed to sit unbothered and long, while the back and sides are shaved and cut. The outcome is that you have more volume to your hair and it shows your ears to conspicuousness. In the event that you have nice ears, it's a decent pick.

·       Bald.

This is for people who are are experiencing diminishing hair. It is technically not a hair style since the barber just needs to simply shave everything off. That is a really essential approach to deal with the issue of lacking hair. The outcome is that there will be practically zero hair left. It can be pretty freeing since you needn't bother with any gel or whatever else. Note however that going totally bare may not look nice for those with long faces.

·       Long Round Layered.

For the individuals who have waves and curls on top, the long round layered haircuts is a great choice. Promoted by hockey players who had long hair under their helmets and then let that hair grow out, it's somewhat similar to a mullet. This is a very good choice for men with solid manly faces. This haircut is also pretty low maintenance.

·       Tousled.

Do you disdain brushing your hair? The tousled haircut removes that problem. You should simply to grow the hair out and then the barber does a touch of trimming on the sides and the back. The top will be allowed to sit uncut and you just need to utilize the gel to style your hair once a day.

·       Side-part.

On the off chance that you need to look somewhat expert and savvy, the side-part is a great choice. Thick straight hair functions admirably with this since separating your hair will give one section volume and substance. This is a clean haircut that is appropriate for any professional workplace.

·       Quiff.

When you see pictures of Elvis, this particular haircut is what you see. The quiff aims to give the look of a ton of volume. This is finished by trimming the sides short and brushing the hair forward to complete everything. In spite of the fact that there have been varieties, the outcome is as yet the same: a major head of hair that can be styled in various ways. The allure is still there as the look give a feeling of macho toughness to it.

·       Pompadour.

The pompadour looks a bit like the quiff. It has a similar short sides and an overwhelming front. The front however is vigorously shaped, typically slicked back and held  up by gel. This was initially a lady's haircut yet changed genders in the mid-twentieth century. It can be difficult to pull off, however there's a nothing more impressive than having a pompadour as your hairdo.

·       Crew Cut.

This is another exemplary men's haircut. It is very utilitarian and plain. The sides and back are shaved, while the top is sliced to an even length. This is a genuinely versatile hair style. You can grow the hair to give it more volume when essential, while additionally having less hair generally. This is the exemplary short hair style and should work with many facial features.

·       Buzz Cut.

In the event that you need to go bare but don't have any desire to dive in yet. A ton of men in the military have this specific hair style. Your hair will be trimmed to ¼ to ¾ of an inch. There is a slight fade around the sides to tidy it up. This is an incredible decision for those with wild hair. A great deal of wavy haired men favor this as a cleaner choice than having their hair become long.

·       The Low/Regular Fade Cut.

A faded trim lets your hair gradually develop into itself. This specific hairdo is like the buzz cut, yet with significantly more hair to it. It is exceptionally adjusted and very much formed. The short-and-wavy best choice is extremely prevalent among vocalists and NBA players.

Regal Barber Co.: One Of Your Best Choices

Knowing all of the things above, if you’re in Murray, Utah, one of your best choices is Regal Barber Co. The barber shop delivers everything that a man could need when it comes to styling their hair and beard. Experts will be doing their best to make your look good the moment you enter. If you’re in the market for a Salt Lake City barber shop, then this is the one to go to.