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Mens Haircut Guide & Tips


Finding the Best Barber Shop in Salt Lake

Our Salt Lake City barber shop provides the easiest access to a good haircut for men. Unfortunately, more and more men are turning to cheap, quick salons which do not know so much about hair cuts and styling. Most even skimp on the essential aspect and customers end up scorning their own look when done.

Regal Barber Co., on the other hand, know that getting a haircut is one of the few times that getting your grooming done should be done with care and finesse and clear communication. They have thus mastered their piece and familiarized themselves with the contours of men’s heads and faces. They know the complexities of hairstyling and are able to cut your hair exactly the way you like it. You won't feel like you just skimped on your cut and you will feel like you are walking away the freshest you have in years. 

Why Do Men Need a Good Haircut?  

Men are less concerned with their physical appearance than women. However, there will come a time when you feel that you need a little extra something to boost your confidence and change your mood. A simple way to achieve them is to have a good haircut. Want to know how it does that? Read on!

    1. A Good Haircut Makes You Look Attractive

Let’s accept it. Humans are physically-inclined beings. It gives us some sense of satisfaction when people’s eyes are glued to us, even just for a second. We may have a different sense of attractiveness, but the feeling it gives is just the same. The thing is, it makes us feel good about ourselves, and there is a strong connection between self-esteem and performance. The more confident you are with yourself, the higher the likelihood of executing tasks better.

     2. A Good Haircut Radiates Your Personality

Do you want to look confident and outgoing? decisive and logical? or just simple and plain? Your haircut says a lot about you more than you know. It’s one of the physical manifestations of what’s inside you. The way you cut and style it is really up to you because there is no such thing a good universal haircut. You either nurture or change it as you want it to be. Satisfaction comes from within even with this simple thing.

     3. A Good Haircut Makes You Look Healthier

Everyday stresses in life deprive you of comfort and relaxation which will eventually make you look haggard. Sadly, these are inevitable for busy working or academic men. But you don’t need to show it to people when all it does is add to your tension. You may not be able to hide it completely, but you can avoid the worst look. Having a good haircut makes you look, and even feel, healthier.

    4. A Good Haircut Promotes Manliness

It’s hard to explain but the combined atmosphere in barbershops, the good cut of your hair, and the clean beard line up on your face all contribute to that manly feeling. Maybe it has its psychological or societal drive to it, but it is unquestionably a good thing. The more you feel like a man, the better you execute the tasks of a man, and the more in character you will be.

5 Top Haircut Trends for Men that Complement Well with Beard Line Up  

Finding the haircut that goes well with your beard line up can be a chore. Good thing is, it has become a trend in the last decades that it’s now easier to pick. To make it even easier for you, here is a list of the top 5 haircut trends for men perfect for your beard line up.

1.Pompadour Haircut

One of the most versatile haircuts in the world is the pompadour cut. It was popularized by Elvis Presley and now has various modern versions like that of David Beckham. You can have this cut with clean shaves on the sides or by growing your hair a little longer. You may also make the top of your hair voluminous or the usual short style. In fact, you can customize this style to your liking.

Since this cut involves a clean shave towards the hairline, it blends perfectly into a beard lineup as it adds a crisp finish to the cut. The pompadour can also handle various facial structures. In general, if you have a rounder face, you go for a fuller pompadour. If you have a longer face, the classic short style is best. Simply ask your barber for what’s best.

2.Side Parting Haircut

Side parting haircut is for those who are tired of the usual plain cut or those who just want something stylish. It blends well with a neatly shaped hairline in, which it gives a stylish twist or a more formal touch. You can go for the classic sidecut or add in a double line or some other intricate geometric patterns.  Just like the pompadour haircut, this style can be modified to your preference. You can even make your barber play with it a bit. That’s of course if you trust him enough.

Whatever side parting cut you have, a beard lineup enhances your style even more. It could make it as striking or as subtle as you want. This cut is much like an additional style for your haircut. Thus, any type of facial structure will go well in it. Magazines available in barbershops may give you a quick idea.

3.Man Bun Haircut with Beard Line up

If you have seen a top knot on somebody’s head with shaved sides, then you are familiar with a bun haircut. It is one of those very stylish cuts that require some amount of confidence to pull off. However, when done well by your barber, the cut will make you like no one else around you. It gives you that cool, funky look.

A novice barber may find it tricky how to line up a beard with this style. Experts know, however, that it should not overpower the style. Doing such could only make it hard for you to look neutral and style your hair. Square-shaped men look great in this style but oval face shapes may also do well with the right undercuts.

4.Short Crew Cut

If you want your barber to show creativity in styling your hair, you may opt for the edgy crew cut. It is a customizable style consists of sharp lines and unique shapes smoothly carved at the front or back of your head. Don’t worry, you can definitely go for the double line up haircut if you are hesitant to go overboard. 

Wondering how to line up a beard with style? You may opt for a subtle fade out on the hairline and then go further down to connect with the beard. This way, you can create a subtle yet unique style. This hairstyle is recommended for square-shaped and long-face features. Those with round faces should avoid this style as it emphasizes the roundness of the face, making you look unpleasant.

5.High Top Haircut

This is the one style in this list which puts the emphasis on the middle top hair. It is often seen in men with curly hair as the hair is easier to put into place. You can definitely go for a line haircut design too. The geometric styling will complement the edge of your hairline giving you a strikingly stylish look. Basically, whatever remains further down can be styled to your preference.

Worried that the haircut will not go well with your beard lineup? You can always consult with any of our barbers at Regal Barber Co. Nevertheless, it goes really well with a thin-cut beard that is lined-up to perfection. The style is ideal for round-faced men but can also adapt to other facial features depending on the skill of your barber. So, you better find the right one!

What's the Best Barber Shop Near Me? | Salt Lake City Barber Shop

For customers, there are simple ways to know if a barbershop is the best in an area. First of all, it should have plenty of clients. Oftentimes, barbershops who set appointments for customers have a lot to accommodate. This good sign means they have a good reputation and provide excellent customer service.

The barbers in the shop should also follow some methodological steps in performing each haircut. If the haircut is done too quickly, it is an obvious sign that they are not giving the best treatment for your hair. Another rather trivial aspect to look after is if the barbershop has a good interior. Don’t get this wrong! It doesn’t need to have the luxury décor— just a neat, presentable space. More than any of these, the barbershop is the best one in town if they deliver first-rate services. That is if the customers are satisfied with the cut, styling, and the overall experience.

Regal Barber Co., a Utah barbershop provides customers all these and more. We are a Salt Lake City barber shop that is dedicated to providing the best customer service in town. We specialized in men’s haircuts, straight razor shaves, tapers, fades, and more! Want a haircut with a royal shave? We got it. How about a razor-trimmed beard or a beard design? That is our thing. Also, a kid’s cut is no big deal.

However, due to high demand, Regal Barber makes sure that you are able to secure an appointment. Still, walk-ins are also welcome. So, you don’t need to keep on asking “what is the best barber shop near me?”. You’ve found Regal Barber Co. 

Why Choose Regal Barber Co.?

Customer satisfaction is the golden rule of our Salt Lake City barber shop, Regal Barber Co. Each of our barbers is professionally trained; thus, customers leave our premises satisfied. The shop has a good atmosphere, thereby making customers comfortable. Plus, you can chat with anyone around.

If you drop by, you’ll notice plenty of customers being accommodated, which means the shop is offering quality services. We are a traditional barbershop that knows the classic hairstyle most men want and there’s only a few of us among Utah barber shops. Recognizing that a haircut is a man’s simple pleasure, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best haircut experience to our customers.                                       

Every man deserves a good haircut, thats just the facts people.  Whatever the reason, we all deserve the best in everything. Life is too short to settle for the unwanted and that includes your haircut. Asking the question what is the best barbershop near me is no longer valid. You have us! At Real Barber Co., we give you what you deserve. Contact us now and make an appointment. Don’t forget, walk-ins are welcome too!