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Best Barber Shop for Hair Braiding

hair braiding near me

Popular Men's Hairstyles 2018

Hair braiding has recently grown its popularity among men who want to express themselves, but what would be the best barber shop for them to achieve this trendy look? In modern fashion, it is no longer surprising to see men in braids since current trends have given significance to one’s uniqueness and expression. The internet and the media have also played a massive impact in terms of highlighting braided hair for men. However, with the challenges that come along with braiding one’s hair, it is best to seek help from a barber shop in obtaining your desired look. Nowadays, with the vast number of shops with different services that cater to one’s appearance, it may be a little tough to narrow down our options. Luckily, we have found the best barber shop for our braiding and hairstyling needs.


Barber shops have expanded their services from simple barber cuts to significant makeovers. Establishing freedom of expression and breaking the gender stereotype, a wide number of men have begun styling their hair with various braid designs and good hairstyles. They choose to grow their hair to reach a certain length – long enough to meet their preferred look. With the help of Regal Barber Co., the difficulty of braiding one’s hair is now a thing of the past.


hair braiding near me

5 Characteristics of the Best Barber Shops


  1. They hire professional and skilled barbers

Whether we admit it or not, we know that we only want the best hands to touch and style our hair. When a barber shop has well-experienced professional barbers, we know that our hair will be in good hands and will lead to an amazing look. After all, that’s our main purpose for going to a barber shop in the first place!

When a barber shop has professional and skilled barbers, we hear zero to little issues on the customer’s satisfaction. They know the best styles, give the most useful tips, and even recommend the most helpful products in case we need them. Another thing to love about professional barbers is how credible they are in terms of giving hair care advice. With professionals working on our look, we can be certain that not only will our look be higher than our expectations, but the money that we invested in it will also be received by the well-deserved.


     2. They treat their customers with respect 

You know what they say about jobs– find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. With the barbers in these barber shops, it will be evident how much they truly love their jobs as it reflects on how well they treat their customers.

With people starting to become overly opinionated and blunt nowadays, some employees in different industries have started to forget that customer relations play a significant impact on the success of their business. However, in the case of these barber shops, we will see that they establish a good rapport with their customers and treat them with utmost respect and courtesy. The best thing about this is they do it with love and mean it. They make their customers feel comfortable in their shop and show how they appreciate the customers’ presence.


     3. They are particular to having proper hygiene in the shop

The importance of cleanliness in any shop is tenfold. Not only does it affect customer satisfaction, but it also makes a significant impact towards our health. For quality barber shops, you can be certain that they apply the necessary protocols in keeping their shop, and even themselves, clean. Since barbering is a craft that does not only care about our looks but also our health, we know that sanitation is a principal factor in determining the rating of a barber shop. They sterilize their tools, wash their hands, clean their furniture and equipment, and maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the whole shop.


     4. They use quality tools

Have you ever bought a product that was deceivingly reasonable in terms of quality but ended up giving the worst results? Not only was it infuriating, but it was also wasteful of our time, effort, and money. Luckily, quality barber shops also use quality tools that you can trust. With their professional staff who know the best for their customers, the tools that they have are also taken into consideration in giving the customers the quality service that they deserve.


     5. They are creative and keep up with the current barbering techniques

We all know how trends can come and go overnight. Professional barbers are fortunately knowledgeable and updated when it comes to looks that are in style. They constantly update themselves and do proper research as styles arrive and leave in a blink of an eye. Moreover, they commit to providing good haircuts and quality hair braiding with a creative and smart style.


hair braiding near me

Hair Braiding Is In! (Trending Men's Hairstyles)


Apart from being updated and well-aware of basic barbering and haircut techniques, it is essential that barbers become creative with the services that they offer. There are different braiding techniques customizing men’s haircuts and hair lengths. With the help of the internet, specifically social media, men have been influenced to go for braided hair and choose from numerous hairstyles that cater to their preference. Celebrities, sports players, and TV personalities have exhibited unique styles of braids that also began to pique the interest of their fans and viewers, especially men. For men who wish to present themselves in a fresh style and express themselves in a noticeable manner, hair braiding is the way to go. There are many styles of braids for men that they can try, from a simple braided high ponytail to tricky intricate braids.

Popular braided hairstyles include:

·       cornrows- which are defined as tight braids that are firmly braided to the scalp and continue down to the end of your hair;

·       intricate braids- which are similar to cornrows but more complicated in terms of design; and

·       long-braided style- which could also pertain to different styles like dreadlocks and is more applicable to long-haired men.


So, how much does braiding hair cost? It generally ranges from $50 to $80 depending on the style that you prefer. Hair stylists and barbers also give ample consideration to the complexity and style of the braid that you are asking for. Though having your hair braided may be a tough decision, you can always opt for the simplest braiding technique and work your way from there. Regardless of the style that you choose, it is important to note that the best braided hairstyle for you is the one that defines you best. Furthermore, with the many available hairstyles to choose from, it is no doubt that you will find the one that is best for both your physical appearance and your personality.


The Best Hair Cuts/Best Cuts With Braids This 2018!

With great hair braids come great haircuts and styles. With the many braid styles to choose from, it can get pretty overwhelming to decide on a cut that you can go for prior to having your hair braided. We listed down five of the most reliable cuts that you can opt to have in order to make your desired braided look more achievable.


1. Man undercut with short hair

One of the many misconceptions about having braided hair for men is that they all need long hair. However, they also have the option to go for the man undercut with short hair wherein a French braid is already feasible. This is probably the easiest haircut since your hair only needs to be a few inches long. You can simply adjust the top of your hair to one to two sides and work on a simple French braid for each. Probably one of the simplest braided hairstyles, this kind of look is a good start for those who are still testing the waters when it comes to going for different man braids.


2. Undercut fade

Similar to the undercut, the undercut fade is a style wherein a part of your hair, either at the side or at the back, is buzzed off. The unique thing about undercut fade hairstyles is that they add a blurry fade effect to the classic look of the undercut. The buzzed off part of your hair starts high and slowly fades down as it goes farther. With this added effect, further definition is given to the illusion of your hair, thus adding definition to your braids as well. The remaining lengthy hair on your scalp could either be long or short, depending on the braided hairstyle that you prefer.


3. Shoulder to chest length hair

For men who prefer flaunting their long locks without the need for an undercut, growing their hair up to the shoulder or chest length is the simplest and easiest way to rock braided hair. This hairstyle leaves you with an immense number of options to braid your hair. From a simple long man braid to the long fishtail man braid; or from the fishbone man French braids to the warrior man braids, this hair length can do wonders for any man who wishes to style his hair with this kind of fashion.


4. Side-swept hair with undercut:

Thick and wavy hair is best dealt with a side-swept long hair with an undercut at the side as this style can let your hair flow freely without the hassle of carrying a heavy amount of hair on your head. This kind of style gives you the best of both worlds in having both an undercut and long hair that you can easily braid or have braided. This hair length can also give you many options in styling your hair without the worry of having to deal with your thick locks.


5. Undercut mullet

Just like any mullet style, the undercut mullet is buzzed at the front and the sides, and long at the back. The difference for undercut mullets when you want to have braided hair; however, is you’ll have to make the back part longer than the usual mullets. This will allow an easier and more feasible braid style than the usual short mullet cuts. Definitely a unique look but hey, it's 2018, express yourself how you want.


Just like any hairstyle, the fit of the different braided hairstyles for one’s look will always depend on several factors, such as face shape and facial features. However, these five cuts are surefire ways to be effective and helpful when you wish to have your hair braided in distinctive styles.


hair braiding near me

Best Barber/Braiding Shops Near Me: Trusted Barber Shop in Utah!

There are many barbershops that give good haircuts and hair braiding near me, but for our well-loved locks, we only want the best barber/braiding shops. Regal Barber Co. offers stupendous haircuts and braided hairstyles coming from their professional and well-trained barbers. They add a playful twist to your hair when braiding that voices out your style and individuality.

Regal Barber Co.’s website contains sufficient information that you need for your hair styling needs, from the services they offer to the price of each and even the names of the barbers and braiders. Not only will you know the name of the service, but you will also be given a brief description of what it is about. So, you’ll be certain that you are jumping in the experience that you actually want to have. Moreover, you will also be able to see the duration of each service, so you can plan and strategize your schedule wisely. The website also gives the convenience of booking an appointment to make sure that your hair styling experience will be a breeze. With the gallery of photos of past customers, you can be sure on what to expect and even have an idea on what other styles that you would like to have on your next appointment or in the future.


We know that good hygiene and well-groomed hair can give a strong impact on our daily lives – from the treatment we receive to the impression that we give to other people. Our grooming also defines us and can be a factor in various aspects of our lives such as relationships and employment. As we highlight our individuality, it is also important to make sure that proper hygiene and grooming are both part of the criteria. With Regal Barber Co.’s amazing offers and skills, you can be assured that your look will be in good hands.


Visit Regal Barber Co.’s website for more details and sign up to get more amazing deals.