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Regal Barber Co. breaks down all the latest trends, styles, tips, and tricks for anyone who is looking to just learn a little more. Keep up with Regal Barber Co and stay looking at the top of your game.

Best barbershop

Best Barbershop in the Country 

With the thousands of the barbershops all over the country, I’ve taken a look at the top eight so that you can narrow down your search for nearby barbershops.

hair braiding

Regal Barber's Hair Braiding Barbershop 

Whether we admit it or not, we know that we only want the best hands to touch and style our hair. When a barber shop has well-experienced professional barbers, we know that our hair will be in good hands and will lead to an amazing look.

top notch barbershop

How to Find a top notch Barbershop

When looking for a barber shop, there should be more than barbershops close to your location on your list. Here are some factors to consider

best barber techniques

Best Barber Techniques For Men

"Men these days are being ever more conscious and keen when it comes to their appearance, especially with their haircuts, so it is vital to find the best barber, one that knows exactly how to give you the cut you need every single time. "

best hair design

The Best Men's Hair Design Trend Today!

"It is indeed appealing to get a new haircut with a design that will make you look great and unique. Thus, to arrive at the result you’re looking for, you need to consider a few things before heading over to the closest barber near you."

where to get fade

Where to Get a Fade Haircut

"Regal Barber Co. has you covered! This type of haircut requires next-level barbering skills to arrive at a sharp and seamless finish. The barbers at Regal Barber Co. are trained to make sure that you leave looking fresh as possible."


Regal Barber Co. Vs. Sports Clips

For this article, we have chosen two barber shops in Utah that are worthy of your attention. These are some of the top businesses, so it would not come as a surprise if you have heard of them before. 

2018 hairstyles

Best Barber Shop for 2018 Spring/Summer Hairstyles and Haircuts

As the temperatures continue to increase, it might be high time to drop by your regular barber shop for a new look. Spring is a time for growth and innovation, and there is no better way to welcome the season than with a new haircut.

kids haircuts

regal Barber Co. VS. great Clips

A detailed comparison of Regal Barber Co. vs Great Clips and why kids haircuts are worth seeing a professional.

beard fashion

Real Men’s Guide On How To Rock Beard Fashion

Men these days have become more keen and conscious about how they look, and one can rock his look through beard fashion. Untidy beards are a discouraging sight; hence, many are interested in trying out this new grooming trend in men

haircut trends

10 Fade Haircuts That Are Right on Trend

We’re seeing a lot of great hair styles for men this season, and one type that is particularly popular is the fade haircut. One of the reasons why this is one of the most requested best cuts in many Salt Lake City barber shops like Regal Barber Co. is that you can tweak it in different ways.

salt lake city barber

Men's Haircut Guide and Tips | Best City Barber Shop in Salt Lake

A city barber shop provides the easiest access to a good haircut for men. Unfortunately, more and more men are turning to unisex salons which do not know so much about male hair cutting and styling.




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Hiring barbers

Could Be You!


hairstyles for men

Welcome the New Year With a New Look |  Hairstyles for Men

The New Year is almost upon us. If you want to usher in 2018 with a new look, one of the most noticeable things that you can do is drop by the local Utah barber shop and get yourself a new haircut. 

best barbershop in salt lake city

Why Visit a Local Barbershop in Your Area | The Best Barber Shop in Salt Lake City

Knowing the best Barbershop in Salt Lake City is important to get to know the type of hair care that the establishment is offering. Regal Barber Co. breaks it down.

Mens fade

Men’s Fade Haircut - The Tips and Tricks Every Man Should Know

Men’s fade haircut has been all the rage in the men’s grooming industry today as one of the most flattering and trendiest hairstyles for men.  Let Regal Barber Co. show you how.

Beard Lineups

Beard Lineups

There’s nothing more guaranteed to make you look more masculine than a beard. However, looking at the beard lineup available to men, you will see that not all beards are made equal.

Haircut guide and tips

Haircut tips and tricks

A City barber shop provides the easiest access to a good haircut for men. Unfortunately, more and more men are turning to unisex salons which do not know so much about male hair cutting and styling.


Fade Haircut Guide | 6 Trendiest Fade Haircuts for Men

One of the trendiest haircuts for men is the fade haircut. This haircut is characterized by the hair having a gradient look, from longer to shorter hair, that adds detail to an existing hairstyle.