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Find the Best Barbershop in the U.S.

best barbershop

When you’re looking for the best barbershop possible, it can be hard to pick from the many choices available. For myself, it can be hard to single out a single barbershop from the many out there. However, when I go out to look for the best barbershop near me I have a simple process: I start with the reviews.

A review should not exactly be your final criteria for picking a barbershop, but it does allow you to have an idea of what to expect. Many reviews go over what each of the things that a barbershop has to offer and what makes them unique. Men’s barbershop each have a unique approach to their clientele and I want to be able to know what I’m walking into.

There are different things that you can expect from each barbershop open now. It is a competitive market and they want to be unique to attract customers. Today’s barbershop for men usually offers more than the basic haircut that a lot of people are familiar with.

With the thousands of the barbershops all over the country, I’ve taken a look at the top eight so that you can narrow down your search for nearby barbershops. In my travels, I’ve been to a lot of them, ranging from a Clean Cut barber shop in Missouri to a Beard Cuts near me. I’ll give you an opinion on barbershops that have caught my eye and pleased me with their service.

best barbershop


Regal Barber Co.

If you’re ever in Utah, coming in at the top of our list, is Regal Barber Co. The place is ideal for those who want to get a bit of pampering the moment that they enter. Unlike walk-in barbers near you, I nearly had to get a reservation for this one. The waiting time isn’t as bad as some other places and you can be sure of great service.

What Regal Barber Co brings to the table is pretty impressive. Customers will have access to a set of highly-trained barbers that can consult with you before they make that cut. Barbershop haircuts usually come with a lot of input and help to ensure that they are done correctly. Consultations with Regal Barber Co. are quick and on point. You can see some samples of their work on their website.

When you visit Regal Barber Co., you will also have your choice of services. The most basic service is the haircut. However, the shop also provides other services like a shave and practically a spa day. The two best services that they provide are that of getting a cut and design and getting the works. Cut and design allows you to put your stamp on your haircut. You can instruct the barbers here on what you want and they can make it reality.

The full service option gets you a haircut and a shave. But besides that, you can get your neck fluff cleaned up, along with your eyebrows and ears trimmed. To finish up, a hot towel treatment is applied that will completely relax you. This place is definitely somewhere you want to return to regularly.

best barbershop


Al’s Barber Shop

If you’re ever in Boulder, Colorado and need a bit of a trim or quick shave, there’s no better place than Al’s Barber Shop. Though appointments are preferred, the place also welcomes walk-ins. Considering this place is pretty in demand, I went for the reservation since I was in Colorado for the weekend. They do advise that if you cancel a reservation, you do it 24 hours before the appointment.

The place has a nice relaxing feel, with some pretty comfortable seats. They have a pretty good set of services that should cover all of your needs. The house favorite is, of course, the one that you can find in the nearest barbershops in your area: the basic haircut. However, Al’s made it a bit special. They do the consultation before the haircut, which is followed by the cut itself. After that, you get a shampoo rinse to clean everything out and relax your hair. The finish is done with styling, a cleansing neck shave, and a hot towel treatment. The barber even includes grooming instructions so that you can show off the cut in the best light.

Besides the basic service, there are fancier options. There’s the Shop Shave that will start with a facial cleanse, the application of botanical oils, and hot towel treatments. This preps the skin and allows for a smooth shave with a classic straight razor. This is finished up with a cooling towel treatment and gentle facial massage.

There is also the neck clean up, to extend your haircut’s longevity, and a mustache and beard trim for some style points. Overall, this place is well worth your money.

best barbershop


State Street Barbers:

Chicago is a city pass by often on business and I sometimes need a good trim or two. I found that State Street Barbers is a barber shop tailored to fit my needs. This isn’t your ordinary place either. When you walk in, you’ll notice the traditional décor and ambiance immediately. There are four locations in Chicago and each of them is unique, yet retaining the atmosphere of traditional barbershops. Unlike most male barbershops near me, they provide services that will meet a lot of people’s needs.

Services in this barbershop start off with the basic one: Signature Haircuts. Just walk in and consult with the barber on what look you want and they’ll cut your hair for the right price. You’ll walk out looking great in half an hour. A Precision Haircut is a haircut that will take more than half an hour to handle. At a slightly higher rate, State Street Barbers will take nearly an hour to ensure that your haircut looks good.

If the haircut is not enough, they have a great shaving treatment: hot towels and warm lather prep your skin while it is finished off with a cooling aftershave balm. You also get a great shoulder massage and your choice from a selection of hot teas and coffee.

Finally, if you’re getting on in years, gray blending is a popular service. This helps deal with your hair turning silver with style.

Stag Barbershop

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Stag Barbershop is another one of the better barbershops in the country. This particular barbershop prides itself on being a “man’s” barbershop. It mostly comes from the rather austere conditions for the shop. It provides mostly basic barbershop services and sells quite a few haircare and facial products for men who want to look good. Though closed on Sundays and Mondays, you’ll find that you can walk in during most other parts of the week and be able to get some service in several minutes. The wait is not too long and the furniture is comfortable.

There are two things that the Stag Barbershop takes quite a lot of pride in. First, there is the fact that they offer really good precision haircuts. You can be sure that their barbers will take their time in giving you the perfect haircut. Second, the Stag Barbershop does straight razor shaves that make your neck smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Overall, I appreciated my visited, though I only had the shave. I was impressed by the service and my barber was quite professional and friendly.

Rudy’s Barbershop

Rudy’s Barbershop is a popular chain of barbershops on the West Coast. They have four locations in Seattle, two in Portland, and two in Los Angeles. The first location was originally set-up back in 1993 and the chain has grown a lot since then. The shop aims to combine traditional barbershop aesthetics with more modern styles to attract a younger and hip clientele.

I can’t tell anything about the success of that strategy, but I can be sure that it is a great experience to walk into one of their locations. When I walked in I was greeted by some unique décor and some very good customer service. They provide a really good haircut and shave at a reasonable price and they’re very comfortable. The real draw though is the products that they sell. Everything from pomades to body washes will all help you to look good. Their products are pretty good and they enhance your looks for a pretty good price.

Joseph’s Barbershop

Another great barbershop in Utah, Joseph’s Barbershop is located in Taylorsville and definitely somewhere that I can walk into with confidence and be sure that I will be able to walk out looking good. This is a great place and I really like that the staff is is very attentive about my needs. It is open six days a week for walk-ins, though they prefer appointments. They have very flexible services, and I really like their Player Packages, which gives you a haircut, shave, and eyebrow shaping in a single affordable package. Overall, it’s a place that I can come back to with confidence.


best barbershop

Frank’s Barbershop:

Frank’s Barbershop is a definite treat for anyone visiting and wanting a haircut. It’s been voted as one of America’s best barbershops and it truly deserves the label. Located in Northshore Drive in Knoxville, Tennessee, this barbershop is a treat for any visitor to the city.

Warm wood paneling greets any visitor to this barbershop and they will appreciate the service that they get from this location. The most common service is Frank’s Classic Cut. This include a precision haircut and shampooing, scalp massages, and even a shoulder and neck massage. A Classic Shave would also be a good choice since it uses essential oils, warm creme lather, and moisturizing balm to prep your skin. It ends with hot and cold towels to clean everything up.

Frank’s goes beyond the hair and beard though. You can either get Frank’s Gentleman’s Facial, Frank’s Executive Hand Detail, or some waxing. The facial will pamper your face with hot towels, exfoliating scrubs, rejuvenating lotions, and facial massages. All the products used will ensure that your face looks better than ever. The hand detail will give you a good manicure and even an exfoliating hand and forearm massage. Waxing is good for those who want to get rid of ear hair, nose hair, and even that unibrow. Overall, Frank’s delivers great service at affordable prices. If you ever get the chance, you should reserve an appointment with Frank’s so that you can treat yourself properly.

Shorty’s Barbershop

Another great barbershop in California, Shorty’s is a great barbershop located in Los Angeles. This is a nice location that you can easily drive up to and walk-in. Parking may be a bit of a problem since its located right by the street. Anyway, I loved the location and it is an affordable place to get a really great haircut.

Shorty’s has been voted one of the best barbershops in LA several times so it is no surprise that they’re full most of the time. Walk-ins are welcome, but I personally went and used their call-in service. They put you on a list and you’ve got priority for the next cut. The waiting time is not so bad and the location is great.

The real highlight of a trip to Shorty’s is its nice fusion of olde and new styles. If you want a unique look, they’re the place to go. A basic hair cut is pretty affordable, but if you want to go the extra mile, I will only cost you an additional $10. You can actually set up an appointment with one of their senior stylists if you’re really serious about your haircut.

Note that Shorty’s is pretty inclusive so you’ll see both men and women having their hairs cut here.

Go For Regal Barber Co.

After visiting all these locations, I find that the best places to get a hair cut is Regal Barber Co. The combination of service and relaxing atmosphere can’t be beat. If you’re ever in Utah, you should drop by and experience some of the finest barbering in the U.S. at Regal Barber Co.