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Best Barber Shop for Spring/Summer Hairstyles and Haircuts (Men’s Guide)

2018 hairstyles

As the temperatures continue to increase, it might be high time to drop by your regular barber shop for a new look. Spring is a time for growth and innovation, and there is no better way to welcome the season than with a new haircut.

With summer at its rear, it is important to find a hairstyle that will transition seamlessly as the months pass by. You should not neglect your comfort either, as the rising temperature will bring discomfort if you do not come prepared for it. Have a look at the sharpest hairstyles for 2018 for inspiration.

Your haircut is only a single component of your overall look, but it creates a huge impact because of the way it frames your face. Read on to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams while beating the heat at the same time.


Why People Search for the Best Barbershop Near Me?

Before we proceed to the right spring and summer look for you, it is important to find a place to do it. There are plenty of barbershops to go to, but what makes a man choose one store over another? One of the most important things to consider is the distance to your home. We have compiled a list of reasons why finding a good barber close to you is vital to your grooming.

  1. Referrals

The nearer your barber is to you, the higher the likelihood that your neighbors and friends go to the same place. This is important because the fact that they patronize the business means that it has served them well over and over. Because you see these people on a regular basis, you can observe their haircuts over time, and this can give you a good idea of what the shop does well. While internet marketing has gotten more popular and more effective over time, nothing beats the word-of-mouth referral system.



Likewise, it is easier to build rapport with the barbers. Some take this aspect of the business relationship for granted, but the more you get to know the people working the shears and the razors, the better your haircut will be.


This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of living so close to your barber. You would no longer need to trek to the other side of the state to get your haircut. When it is so close by, it will no longer feel like such an errand, and you will be less likely to keep putting your grooming needs on-hold. After all, you should be getting a haircut every three to six weeks. The nearer your barber, the more polished you will look on the regular.

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Look no further for the best barber shop in the area. Not only is Regal Barber Co. the most trusted male grooming establishment in Salt Lake City, it might even be the best in the state. This local business has made a name for itself, thanks to the great ambience, friendly and professional crew, and the cleanliness of the store.

The fact that the store receives a lot of customers is a sure sign that it is an excellent establishment. It is highly recommended to set an appointment to ensure that you will be accommodated at the time that you want. However, walk-in customers are still welcome.

Unlike chain barber places, the barbers here will take time to listen to all of your preferences. Regal Barber Co. has garnered attention for being a great place where younger clients get their first cuts for this very reason. It is also easy to build a relationship with your barber because of the home grown nature of the business.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is the best barbershop near me?” and you live around Salt Lake City, don’t make the mistake of turning to another place when the top choice is so close by.


Top Spring/Summer Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2018

  • Fade Haircuts for Sleek Look

Fade haircuts are in this season, and they are key to looking sleek and crisp once the weather heats up. There are plenty of haircuts to choose from and picking the best fade haircuts involves careful consideration. For all intents and purposes, a fade is characterized by the longest hair on top of the head before it gradually “fades” or tapers to the shortest point near the nape.

If you choose to have  longer hair on top, enough that it can be slicked back, make sure to keep it in place with a wax-based styling product. The high fade ‘do is more eye-catching due to the contrast of the buzzed sides and thicker top. Men with thicker hair look great in this style, but it needs something to help keep the frizz away.


  • Textured Bangs that Demand Attention

In a period when clean cuts are popular, a shock of bangs would surely capture the attention of others. This cut has a particular boyish appeal to it with an additional air of mystery if done right. To make the fringe detail pop up more and make it more refreshing, try asking for shorter sides. The fringe adds dimension to any face it frames because it can soften angular faces and add edge to rounder face shapes. It is ideal for people with wavy and straight hair because these hair types lend themselves better to a look that is just the right amount of messy.


A great thing about a fringe is that it is generally expected to be untamed. This provides a great platform for experimentation. A texturizing gel will allow your hair to be more pliable to styling choices, but once it is applied, feel free to style it to your heart’s desires.


  • Classic Cut with Beard Fade

There’s a reason that classic haircuts have survived decades of trends and fads. They look right on just about any face shape. The French Crop is one of these timeless hairstyles, and its appeal lies in its simplicity. If you opt to get a prominent fringe, you can get a putty for maintenance. However, if it has been properly texturized, you might not even have to bother. Give the long crop with high fade a new twist by pairing it with a long beard. Short beard styles should work well with it by providing a contrast to the neat ‘do.


For the minimalist, another classic cut to consider is the Buzz Cut. It puts the spotlight on your face, and it is best suited to people with square or oval faces. It is the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle, though you will have to get it regularly trimmed if you want to keep it. Couple it with medium-length stubble to further emphasize your jawline.


  • High Skin Fade Haircut with Design

Release some steam with a tightly cropped fade with an intricate design to boot. It would be a great idea to keep the top on the shorter side if you want to achieve a clean and cool look. You can also keep the top longer if you are willing to put in the time and effort for regular maintenance. You can balance out the neat top by asking your barber to put in texture and a design to the fade to add personality.


This is a refreshing look for anyone with coarse and kinky hair, as well as for those with a straighter mane. Grab a pot of medium-hold pomade and apply a small amount every morning to keep it in place.


  • Cornrows Braids for Long-haired Men

We haven’t forgotten the long-haired folk, of course. For an innovative look in the coming seasons, we recommend getting cornrow braids. These tight braids are probably the most popular braid style among men. You may opt to experiment with texture and styles by choosing between single plaits and double braids and by deciding the thickness of each strand.


The key to maintenance is scalp care. Since it is always exposed, it is advisable to buy smoothing oil. With regular application, this will prevent dandruff build-up and moisturize the skin.


Why Choose the Best Barber?

It would be so easy to go to the cheapest franchise place that you can find, but you need to ask yourself if they can give you what you need. Sure, hair eventually grows back in, but first impressions can be important. The state of your grooming is often one of the first things that a person notices about you. You would not want to miss out on an opportunity at least in part because of your hairstyle.

The following are more reasons why it is an excellent idea to seek out the services of the best barber you can find:

  • Appearance

Let’s not fool ourselves. We are all visual creatures, and we place value in appearances. How you look will definitely affect your prospects. Don’t underestimate the power of the “fake it ‘til you make it” adage. Dressing neatly and having well-groomed facial hair can help make people perceive you as a more organized individual. Likewise, an unkempt beard and shabby clothing might make others view you as a slob! Value your appearance because it can quite literally land you dates and meetings.


  • Comfort

Your comfort is highly important when you are getting yourself prepped and groomed. Also, consider the amount of money you paid! The best place for grooming will ensure that the surroundings are clean but cozy so that you can sit back and relax while they are working on your hair. A great ambience and options for entertainment usually help while waiting for the cut to be finished. If you are uncomfortable, you might be tense throughout the haircut, which is highly counterproductive. The shop is a place that should be designed for the utmost comfort of the viewer, not make them tense up during the haircut.


  • Relationship

The best barbers are the ones who build relationships with their clients. This allows for a better understanding between the two of you, which will then lead to you receiving the best haircuts. The more familiar you are with your barber, the less apprehensive you will be when it comes to requests. Of course, it is a two-way street, and you will have to make an effort to build rapport. Franchises have a high turnover and transfer rate, so this would be typically harder to do in comparison to local businesses. Remember that relationships are built over time and constant exposure to each other.

A great haircut does not only look good, it must also work with external factors. Style and functionality do not have to be mutually exclusive. If you are looking to get work done on your hair and you live in the Salt Lake City area, drop by the best barbershop in Utah. Regal Barber Co. has a great ambience and highly-skilled barbers that will be able to accommodate your needs. Drop by the website now and book an appointment.