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10 Fade Haircuts That Are Right on Trend

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We’re seeing a lot of great hair styles for men this season, and one type that is particularly popular is the fade haircut. One of the reasons why this is one of the most requested best cuts in many Salt Lake City barber shops like Regal Barber Co. is that you can tweak it in different ways. The tweakable nature of a fade haircut allows it to fit in with different kind of personal style – and here are ten that you might want to refer to the next time you find yourself in a Salt Lake City barber shop like Regal Barber Co.!


Advantages of Professional Haircuts with a Fade


Apart from variety, the fade haircut is popular because it’s generally low maintenance yet high on style. The clean, close-cut bottom is a welcoming feature during hot summer months, and the thicker top part of most of these looks gives even the most fickle-minded dude numerous style possibilities with or without the help of styling aids. Moreover, if you are pretty adept with a clipper you can probably trim the fade part yourself to keep the look going strong until you really have to visit the barber for a serious trim.


1.     Hipster-Style Taper Fade


You might have already seen this sexy hair style on many celebrities and style icons, and we can’t blame you for wanting to try it out yourself on your next visit to a Salt Lake City barber shop like Regal Barber Co.! The hipster-style taper fade’s signature tousled top requires very little pomade or gel slicked back to give it a smooth, urbane look in just a matter of seconds.


2.    Side Parted Taper Fade


The side parted taper fade is characterized by a bold, straight part aligned to the corner of one’s eye. It is one of the best cuts for a variety of face shapes, so it’s a tried and tested “safe” option if you are feeling hesitant about riding the fade haircut trend. If you keep the hair on top on the long side, you can up the ante on this look with a comb over to give it a more dressed-up feel.


3.     Pompadour Low Fade


If you want a fade haircut that will work well with a rounded face, ask for a pompadour low fade the next time you visit Regal Barber Co. This particular fade haircut style is characterized by a low taper, giving your head the illusion of height and helps to elongate your face at the same time. It is a timeless look that’s both sharp and neat – a great option that takes you from a boardroom meeting in the afternoon to a bar meetup in the early evening.


4.    Shadow Taper Fade


If you’re not fond of having a lot of hair to deal with in the morning, fear not. There are other fade haircuts to consider, and the shadow taper fade is one of them. This short fade look is one that only a true professional can create, so choose your Salt Lake City barber well! The low contrast delivers subtle smoothness, but the super clean line near the temple gives that much-needed sharpness. No gels nor pomades necessary for a look like this!


5.    Drop Taper Fade


This fade haircut got its name from the signature “drop style” that occurs behind your ears. The taper forms a nice arc from your temples all the way to your nape, which is a fun and more casual take on an otherwise polished style. Ask for this at your next appointment with Regal Barber Co. for a fun and fresh change!


6.    Bald, Low-Style Fade


If you’ve tried a skin fade (which is ultra-short and close to the skin), a great step up is the bald, low-style fade haircut. It’s one of the best cuts that’s regularly requested in the best barbershops, mainly due to its no-maintenance style. This style is easy to spot: just look for the razor-sharp line up and the memory of this cut will stick to your mind like glue!


7.    Disconnected Taper Fade


A little bit punk with a hint of surfer vibes, the disconnected taper fade is a style statement for those who like to give the tag “woke up like this” a much-needed upgrade. You’ve got a lot of choppy hair going on at the top, only for it to suddenly disconnect somewhere around ¼ down the back of your head into a skin fade. The sides are kept faded and the bangs are deliberately unruly – all in all a look that requires a smoldering gaze and just a hint of a devil-may-care attitude.


8.    High Top Fade


The high top fade is a great upgrade to the popular, nineties look called “flat top”. If you’ve watched an MC Hammer music video, you know how it looks – except this is the year 2018, and that popular look has been updated to suit the times. A clean fade on the sides and back is complimented with piece-y or choppy spikes up to, giving you extra height and extra character. You’ll need a strong hold gel to make this look last the whole day, but the admiring glances you’re sure to get will be well worth the style effort.


9.    Medium Fade


This look might seem nondescript, but for many guys it’s the perfect transition to a fade haircut coming from something else. While the medium face doesn’t offer anything edgy or extreme, it still delivers that in-demand shadowy trend. A clean comb back is the default maintenance of this easy-to-care-for look, but don’t hesitate to try combing it this way and that to see if a simple tweak will better suit you!


10.  Undercut Mohawk Fade


If you still need a fade haircut with more pizzazz, you might want to check out the undercut Mohawk fade. By its name alone, you know that there’s a lot going on with this particular style yet everything works to give it a very memorable look. The style starts off with your usual Mohawk running down the center of your head, then bluntly cuts to a smooth fade that tapers close to the skin all the way down. Finish everything off with a razor-sharp line across the forehead and angular chop down the temples. This is a great style for both straight and curly haired guys.


Style Selection and Considerations


All of these fade haircut styles look great, and you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed over which particular one to choose for your next trip to Regal Barber Co. To make the decision-making task a lot easier, make sure you consider the following:


-       Hair texture and condition. Is the style that you are eyeing well-suited to the kind of hair that you have? If you’re looking to recreate the pompadour low fade hairstyle but your hair is on the kinky side, it’s doubtful that you’ll achieve the exact look. There should be a match between your hair’s texture and condition and the kind of look that you want to go for to ensure that the results will be as you expect.

-       Face shape and considerations. Guys’ faces come in all shapes and sizes, and how yours is will definitely affect the type of hairstyle you are considering – whether it is in a good or bad way. If your face is rounder than you’d like, you’d best choose a fade haircut that will give the illusion of angles to add corners to your face where there are none. If you feel like an inch or two in height would do you good, then perhaps a spiky top fade hair cut option will satisfy that requirement better than a bald, low fade one.

-       Lifestyle and ability to style. If your daily routine allows you a generous amount of time to style your hair in the morning, then you are more open to trying styles that require more maintenance. If you have five minutes to get from your bed to the bus stop, then something that is more forgiving in the style department is more up your alley.

-       Your barber’s capability. Not all barbers can work magic, and you need to make sure that your ‘do will be under the capable hands of one that has had experience in creating that brand-new look you want. This is especially true if you’ve been going to the same barber for years and having him do the same hair cut – and then all of a sudden you’re asking for a different one. In addition, you will also want to work with a barber who will honestly tell you if the look you are going for is something that will work for you and not against you – a sign that he wants you to look your best!


Tools of the Trade


Many of the best cuts with a fade hairstyle are usually low maintenance, which is something that guys often require and request from their Salt Lake City barber. However, that doesn’t mean there’s zero styling involved – especially if you’re in the mood to take it up a notch (or you found yourself with an extra five minutes in the morning to actually do something neat with your ‘do.). You’ll find that these simple staples are awesome to have on hand for such an occasion:


1.    A fine-toothed comb.


A comb with find teeth is the perfect tool for brushing your hair up in an evenly distributed manner, giving your locks a satin-y smooth texture as a result. You might also want to get a fine-toothed comb that is on the short side so you can easily slip it in your pocket and reach out for it whenever and wherever.


2.    A fine-toothed comb with a teasing tail.


This particular type of comb is a common fixture in most Salt Lake City barber shops like Regal Barber Co., and with good reason. The signature long ended handle is an essential tool in flipping hair off to one side to reveal a super straight part. If you want to attempt to recreate that, you will have to have this comb handy.


3.    Gel or pomade.


Don’t be deceived by seemingly carefree hair, because chances are there’s the tiniest hint of product worked into those strands to deliver that look. If your look has to last a certain way the whole day, a thicker formula will work best so you don’t have to worry about reapplication sometime in the afternoon. If you are going for the slightly tousled, messy or piece-y look, a lightweight gel or pomade is enough to command your tresses while still giving them some breathing room to flick this way and that.


4.    Wax and polish.


Pompadours and fade haircut styles that are on the slick side will be achieved with products that are moldable and glossy, like a wax and polish duo. Think Elvis Presley with year 2018 sensibilities.


5.    Clarifying shampoo.


If you are going to be using hair products on a regular basis, it’s a must to include clarifying shampoo in your shampoo rotation. This particular formulation is especially good at stripping away buildup on your hair, which can weigh it down and keep it from looking its best. Use clarifying shampoo once or twice a week and you’ll easily keep your hair feeling lightweight and soft.


These ten great fade haircuts will surely give you that much-needed upgrade in the hair style department. Make sure that you consider your hair’s texture, your face shape, your lifestyle, and other personal preferences as you choose which particular cut will look good on you. As you enjoy your new fade haircut, make sure to experiment with the look that you’ve chosen to see how many variations of it you can make. Doing so is a good way to get more style mileage out of your ‘do, and you will be able to have a number of new looks to suit any occasion. Book your appointment today!